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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips - Brittany Bray B.A., Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Aesthetic Director

Hydration is a buzz word when it comes to winter skincare and no one is safe from the harsh effects of forced air, frigid weather & lack of humidity. To combat irritation, dehydration, inflammation & especially premature aging, incorporate these tips into your winter regimen!

1.      Nutrient Rich Foods

International Education Director for BABOR Fabienne Lindholm says it best. “Eat foods that nourish the body.” We couldn’t agree with her more! She explains, “…good skin care starts with good nutrition. To protect skin from becoming dried out, a balanced diet, rich in antioxidants as those found in fruits and vegetables, is a good starting point.” Eating whole foods that are rich in nutrients ensure that the skin stays supple and hydrated; try foods like avocados, salmon, leafy greens & nuts. Continue drinking lots of water to keep the whole body hydrated. Quick tip: Drink a cup of hot water with a squeeze of lemon every night before bed. Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and provide a little detox at the end of your day – leaving you rejuvenated and with glowing skin in the morning!


2.     Toxin free skincare + using the correct products!

Be sure to be using products free from toxic chemicals and harsh ingredients. One ingredient in particular that creeps into a lot of skin is mineral oil. Stay far away from this popular ingredient. It’s a petroleum byproduct that leaves a film on the skin and not only clogs pores but does absolutely nothing to nourish the skin. Gluten, dyes, sulfates, chemical sunscreens (which are known to be free radical generators), alcohol & formaldehyde are just a few more of serious skin irritants that are way more common in products than you think! The movement toward toxin-free skincare is growing and winter is the perfect time to invest in staples that focus on ridding the skin of impurities and healing the barrier.  Those irritating ingredients are doing more harm than good – and a lot of times they are in your expensive department store creams! To refresh your regimen, start with a professional cleanser that is pH balanced for your skin and customized for the conditions you are concerned with. Let your esthetician guide you and spend time talking with her about the importance of professional skincare. Next, include a potent antioxidant serum (we love gloTherapeutics Ultra Vitamin C & our HydraFacial MD Antiox+) into your morning routine to ward off free radical damage. Apply your recommended moisturizer next – we suggest any of BABOR’s Skinovage or Dr. BABOR products. By narrowing your regimen to fewer, more effective products, you’re able to heal dehydrated, irritated skin and begin to see the benefits of anti-aging skincare. Quick tip: Invest in a cleansing oil that detoxes and heals the skins’ barrier. We love BABOR Hy-Ol + Phytoactive. This gentle but effective “dirt-magnet” cleanser has really become a favorite among our patients! Additionally, all BABOR creams are extremely reparative and designed to heal sensitized, over stimulated and stressed winter skin. They also have a natural sun protection factor – which is still crucial even in the winter months!


3.      Skincare Boot Camp

If you’ve neglected your skin this season – it’s most likely malnourished and dehydrated. Just like we have to take care of our bodies to prevent sickness, we have to do the same for our skin!  To quickly heal and hydrate the skin, we recommend doing a one week “boot camp” with BABOR ampoules and Dr. BABOR Ultimate Repair Mask. When the week is complete, it’s advised to receive a professional treatment like HydraFacial or BABOR Skin Performance Facial to ultimately repair skin. During the “boot camp”, the ampoules boost cell metabolism (which allows nutrients to be absorbed into the cells), combat free radical damage and counteract signs of “winter skin” and aging. Our recommended mask (Dr. BABOR Ultimate Repair Mask) is a rich treatment to intensively support skin regeneration.  Quick Fix: Use nutrient focused ampoules like the Multi-Active Vitamin and leave the Ultimate Repair Mask on overnight for superior anti-aging effects and extreme hydration.  Also, be sure to avoid exfoliating acids or retinols while the skin is dehydrated. Once hydration is restored, work your more potent ingredients in slowly.