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(Perk)ify Your Routine...

The Perk is a magical little device that we are lucky to have here at the Lifestyle office. It might be small and quick when it comes to treatments, but it is mighty. With the option of the lips, eyes or face it is the "Perk-fect" pick me up or addition to any treatment you are receiving.

I have experienced the favorite of the three choices, lips, a few times now and let me tell works! Not only is it perfect for the winter to clean off all of that chapped skin, but while doing that it is depositing this incredible hydrating serum full of amazing anti-oxidants to help bring those lips back to life. The suction on the device as well also lends to a plumping effect which left me with Kylie Jenner looking lips that I was not upset about.

The face and the eye options are just as great. A quick fix if you don't have time for a full treatment to give you the perfect cleaning, glow, and boost of anti-oxidants for your skin. The eye serum helps to tighten those fine lines that might be bother you around your eyes, and the face treatment is the next best thing from the beloved HydraFacial.

No matter which option you choose, you cannot go wrong here. With these results (especially for the price), the Perk will easily be your new best friend.

Written By: Amanda P.