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It's Impossible to "make-up" Your Mind With These Options...

I believe that I have mentioned before (if not on numerous occasions) my obsession, or as I like to call it, appreciation for make-up. It just has a way of bringing out the sparkle in people's eyes. The ability to create different looks based off of your clothing, hair, mood, etc. I mean how cool is that? Expressing your creativity through the canvas that is your beautiful face.

That is why I am a HUGE fan of GloMinerals. Along with GloTherapeutics, GloMinerals has won its way into my heart with their variety of trendy products. Along with being Cruelty Free and supporting our beloved animals, these products are so vibrant.

Lucky for you (and me), we have been blessed to offer some really specialty kits this season. Everywhere from a Lip Temptation Kit to a Body Spa and two different make-up goodies kits, your options are pretty safe no matter which you choose. The colors are on trend, the product is quality, and everything is so wearable!

So, you should probably come in and get one the next time you are here! Because if you don't I'm most likely going to hoard them for myself. And as our gift to you, while you're here gushing over these kits, mention this blog post for 20% off your kit of choice!

So, what are you waiting for? #GlamItUp

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Published By: Amanda P.