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Simplify Your Skincare Regimen

Skin care shouldn’t be complicated.  An army of products lined up at your vanity is not necessary.  Your routine should be very simple.  Streamline your regimen to fewer products that benefit your skin.  No one has time to waste in the morning before work or before bed after a long day to apply skin care products.  Finding a simple, but effective, regimen will benefit your skin so much more.   

A basic regimen consists of – cleansing, toning, a treatment or serum, and moisturizing.  Nice and simple!  Using a cleanser that does not imbalance the skins PH, such as GR8/SKN Clean, will help you skip the toning step.  Another step that is very important, especially in the summer, is SPF.  Using a moisturizer or foundation with a sunscreen will eliminate that step.  Products with multiple benefits is the best way to simplify.   

Something you may want to do 1-2 times a week at home, if you're not a person to come in for a deep chemical peel every month, is to exfoliate. Exfoliation is removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.  This is a key step to keeping your healthy and looking younger.  Exfoliating regularly will help products work better because they are able to penetrate deeper.  Something we may recommend is the Gentle Peeling from BABOR.  It is a mild, cream-based facial exfoliant suitable for all skin types.  Finely ground, rounded peach kernels gently remove superficial dead skin cells and flaky skin.  

Having treatment masks at home is great for instant results in the skin.  Using a treatment mask about once a week will help keep your skin concerns under control.  A mask we recommend for all skin types is our Doctor Babor 3D Hydro Gel Face Mask.  This mask provides instant radiance, hydrated and plumped skin.  It is great for dehydrated skin and all skin types.   Another great mask for oily skin is the CTRL Soothing Triple Clay Mask.  Gr8/SKN's hydrating clay mask is filled with aloe extract, Kaolin and flower oils to calm and sooth the skin but making it stronger than ever.   

Now that the season is changing, you may need to change your regimen.  Your regimen should not be a routine.  Stress, diet change, and climate can change your skin.  So, it is ok to replace a step with a different product on certain days or seasons.  Speaking with an esthetician will help you get on the right skin care regimen for you.