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BABOR - The art of precision skincare

It all began in 1956 with a black rose – the symbol of infinite beauty. Since then, as a pioneer in professional skincare, BABOR has set the standard in skincare research, made in Germany. Today, we remain driven by that pioneering spirit in our passionate quest for individual beauty and perfection. 
Our precision formulas are based on innovative active ingredients. Their effect is enhanced by the professional expertise of BABOR estheticians in our luxurious, tailor-made treatments, which are designed to deliver maximum individual results.
At BABOR, our highly innovative active formulations are carefully combined with our exclusive treatment methods to provide outstanding results and a uniquely indulgent experience.


Doctor Babor - Precise solutions for all beauty requirements

The DOCTOR BABOR professional skincare range stands for precision cosmetics “made in Germany”. With its high-performance formulations based on select active ingredients, DOCTOR BABOR sets new standards in the field of cosmeceuticals. Back in 1956, when Dr. Michael Babor developed the first precision formulas for BABOR, terms such as “cosmeceuticals” or “DOCTOR” brands had not been invented. But he knew that precisely concentrated active ingredients provide intensive care for the skin. He then went on to develop the first skincare products that were specially tailored to individual needs, in other words, “the experts for skincare at home”. The DOCTOR BABOR range is a tribute to Dr. Michael Babor and sets the highest standards in line with the DOCTOR BABOR motto: More effective – more precise – more innovative



GR8/SKN - Skin care for young adults

We use ingredients that you can actually pronounce—natural stuff, like lavender extract, honeybush tea, and honeysuckle. Why is this important? Because, as your largest organ, your skin absorbs 60% of the products you apply to it. Would you want to soak up some yummy benzoyl peroxide tonight? No, we didn't think so.  Moreover, ingredients like benzoyl peroxide (BPO) lose efficacy over time, which means you'll have to increase your dose. That might not seem like such a big deal, but BPO, a common ingredient in other anti-acne products, causes dryness and irritation.
Yeah, we care about your face, but we also care about the face of our planet. That's why our products are biodegradable, made in an FDA-approved facility, and come in recyclable packaging. We don't see why we can't split our allegiance.